Our Impact

Our Impact

Since opening our doors in 1996, more than 650 mothers and their children have experienced new beginnings. Women come to Renewal House with a substance-use addiction and other interlocking issues, such as co-occurring mental health disorders, homelessness, unemployment, limited formal education, a history of trauma, and entanglements with legal and child welfare systems. 

As a result of Renewal House programs and services:

More than 50 drug-free babies have been born to mothers in the
     residential program.

75% of residential mothers maintain or regain child custody rights.

70% of residential mothers move with their families to
     permanent housing.

60% of women in the outpatient program reach the important
     milestone of abstaining from substance-abuse for at least 30
     consecutive days; and 45% graduate, having gained the tools
     to lead a lifestyle in recovery.